Zero Food Miles

Posted on Sun 14 February 2010 in general • Tagged with food

We currently have 3 large Geese hanging up in our garage. They were locally sourced (from next door) and are slow grown organically fed birds. The only real downside of all this direct food supply is the requirement to pluck and draw them before we can eat them. We are …

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Promise of Cake

Posted on Mon 21 September 2009 in general • Tagged with food

The house has reached a state considered acceptable for receiving guests. There are still a few boxes left to empty (including *somewhere* a box with a pestle and mortar in it) but all the main areas are habitable and presentable. As a result we invited over some friends for our …

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Lovely Evening

Posted on Tue 18 August 2009 in general • Tagged with birthday, food, house

Thanks for all the good wishes for yesterday. Despite spending the day in work it was actually a fairly interesting one for that. I headed back in time to enjoy the evening chatting with Fliss while enjoying a BBQ steak with fresh home grown tomatoes, supermarket corn on the cob …

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Posted on Mon 03 August 2009 in general • Tagged with food, wedding

We spent the weekend attending the wedding of C&P in the royal county of Buckinghamshire. The less said about the hotel and it's concept of service the better. Needless to say things went downhill when we adjourned to alternative bar to avoid the bi-monthly "night club" running in the …

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Getting very warm

Posted on Wed 01 July 2009 in general • Tagged with food, party

Thanks to all who came to the party on Saturday. It all seemed to go well and for the most part the weather held off enough for a large amount of char grilled meat to be consumed.

I most pleased with the relatively small pile of washing up left on …

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