Requires webbed feet aparently.

Posted on Mon 10 August 2009 in general

As has been reported elsewhere we went for a training walk on Saturday. We caught the train from Waterbeach to Ely and walked back home. The route was 11 miles and fairly easy to follow. There was only one point where the compass was useful in validating we were going the right way. As mountain climbing training goes the Fens are never going to provide much of a challenge being basically flat but it at least proved my shiny new kit worked. Next time however hats and sun tan lotion are on the checklist as there was very little shade for the whole walk which left us both a little pink at the end.

We both suffered a little the next day due to blisters and muscles unused to the walk. However Fliss' foot gave a lot of pain last night making it hard for her to sleep. She trundled off to the Doctor this morning who's diagnosis was either a very odd form of gout or the blister had gotten infected and gone to the bone. She is now waiting in A&E for drip fed antibiotics for her foot. Who would of thought a blister could cause so much trouble!

EDIT TO ADD: Damn these blisters, it looks like an overnight stay in the hospital for Fliss. Time to charge the iPod.