Mountains, valleys and the meaning of romance

Posted on Tue 15 February 2011 in general • Tagged with rugby, walking

We spent the weekend in Wales on what has become an annual tradition of post-winter walking loosely organised around a couple of friends birthdays. The location changes every year but this year we were based in a hostel in the Snowdonia National Park.

By convention there are usually two walks …

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Clinging to the side of a mountain

Posted on Mon 29 March 2010 in general • Tagged with climbing, snowdon, walking

The trip up the tallest peak in Wales was a fairly interesting affair. It's certainly not understood by one of our Danish hosts who despite working next to Snowdon has never been up it. Apparently the Danish don't make a habit of walking up hills just for the hell of …

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Tenuous Grip

Posted on Mon 22 February 2010 in general • Tagged with car, holiday, walking

We have just returned from a weekend in the Peak District, ostensibly for walking although we stayed on for extra loafing and a Goose dinner on Sunday. The event is a regular birthday celebration/mass catering event held in various youth hostels near various peaks over the years. This was …

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Bad Ankles

Posted on Wed 21 October 2009 in general • Tagged with fitness, walking

On my way into work I popped into the local primary school (via the non-CRB cleared entrance naturally) to drop of the measuring trundle thing Fliss borrowed. My suggestion that I could have used the MyTracks GPS trace and walked around the allotment had been met with a raised eyebrow …

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Requires webbed feet aparently.

Posted on Mon 10 August 2009 in general • Tagged with walking

As has been reported elsewhere we went for a training walk on Saturday. We caught the train from Waterbeach to Ely and walked back home. The route was 11 miles and fairly easy to follow. There was only one point where the compass was useful in validating we were going …

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