Scripts from Scratch

Posted on Fri 04 September 2009 in geek

I wrote my first from scratch python script* today. It's not the first time I've touched the language having submitted a number of patches to python based programs as well as spell fairly hefty tweaking existing code. But this was one of those tasks I would have usually picked up perl to do. I've never been a big fan of perl as although it's fairly easy to knock stuff up it also encourages all sorts of bad habits in the lazy programmer**. This leads to all sorts of sub-optimal interactions later on when you come back to the code later on. Python code is by virtue much cleaner, as Chris put it: "you can go back and edit the code again later without getting a headache". Next time I need a script from scratch I think I shall reach into the python toolbox again.

* Not quite true, I did a GUI prototype last year. It wasn't really a script though.
** What? All the best programmers are lazy, it's a positive trait