A few inches more

Posted on Mon 07 September 2009 in general

I adjusted the seat on my bike by a couple of inches over the weekend. I now have to come off my seat when I stop (or lean fetchingly against a support) but it certainly makes delivering power to the peddles easier. This as it turns out was useful for the main adventure of the weekend with a visiting Lee. Leaving Fliss behind to tend home we did an ~30 mile round trip to near Thriplow to sit in a field. We were afforded a pretty good view of the planes coming and going from the Duxford Airshow and felt fairly good about nullifying the calories of the sandwich and beer Fliss had insisted we pack for the journey. While in no way the distance that some have done and certainly less grand than some of the regular jaunts I hear are going on in Manchester these days I still felt well exercised.

The house move is coming on like a relentless train at the moment. We exchanged last week and we complete on Thursday. We move in on Friday and have already spent a small fortune on white goods (actually brushed stainless steel) to equip our kitchen. Being a veteran of many house moves we have decided to go for the full packing option (encouraging work in the local community) leaving us to worry about bigger things. The house warming is tentatively planned for November, fingers crossed.