Promise of Cake

Posted on Mon 21 September 2009 in general

The house has reached a state considered acceptable for receiving guests. There are still a few boxes left to empty (including *somewhere* a box with a pestle and mortar in it) but all the main areas are habitable and presentable. As a result we invited over some friends for our first "formal" event since moving in. Chris and Naomi joined us for a lovely Sheppard's Pie (renamed House Pie) followed by cake cooked by my own fair hand. I did discover that fan-assisted ovens cook cake a lot faster than the recipes may indicate.

We visited my parents on Sunday to enjoy a lovely September afternoon in the garden with a lovely pot roasted piece of pork loin. Once we had returned home we were greeted by a fly-past from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight's Lancaster and a display from the Red Arrows. It seems there was an airshow going on over at Marshall's (Cambridge Airport) but we got an excellent view from our house.