Policies I can get behind

Posted on Mon 05 October 2009 by alex in general

I was little disappointed by David Cameron's performance on Sunday AM. It may just be the curse of any political leader these days if to be vague enough to avoid splitting their own party or come across as uncaring hatchet men. Everyone seems keen to cut waste without actually reducing the head count.

However it's a mistake to judge a party purely by the leader. A good leader should be making the best of their cabinet and advisers. It's good to see Frances Maude announcing the enlisting of Tom Steinberg to advise on government IT. He's the founder of mySociety who know a thing or two about making the best use of technology to engage the public in politics.

While I'm at it I may as well give plaudits to the government for appointing Professor David MacKay who's book "Sustainable Energy - without the hot air" is my go to reference for useful numbers.