Exploring Budapest

Posted on Thu 03 December 2009 by alex in general

After finishing work around midday I took advantage of the rest of the day to go and do a little exploring around town. There is a handy tourist bus which does a 24 hour ticket and runs a continuous loop around the principle tourist points. Hopefully I'll get a second stab at using my ticket tomorrow morning. Budapest really is a beautiful old European city, it reminded most of my trip to Prague. Although large chunks of it were destroyed during various wars (including all the bridges) the Hungarians have done a fantastic job restoring it while maintaining the 19th century grandeur.

I spent today looking around the castle area which although walled is more a massive palace complex. I did check out the curious Buda Labyrinth which is a series of interesting tunnels under the castle area. Each area has a number of Gormley style sculptures, sometimes with ambient music and set to various themes. I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a tourist destination (2000 HUF, about £6.60 seemed a little steep), however I think the place would make a fantastic LRP dungeon complex.

I didn't have time to explore any of the many museums on the castle hill and tomorrow I need to decide between going up the Zoo and impressive Heroes Square or visiting one of the many "medicinal" hot spring Spa's. My flight home is at 17.20 so I think I'll get most of the day before I have to sequester myself in the airport for my flight home.