Travelling while moving

Posted on Wed 01 June 2011 in general • Tagged with opennms, ouce2011, trains, travel

Last week I went to Fulda in Germany to attend the OpenNMS European User Conference. OpenNMS is an open source network management system which we make fairly heavy use of at work. The conference was an opportunity to catch up on developments in the project and get a sense of …

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In praise of... the Highways Agency

Posted on Mon 20 December 2010 in general • Tagged with cars, snow, travel

It seems any severe weather brings on a large collective national moan. I don't wish to minimise the hassle to people that have been affected by the weather and trapped in places they didn't want to be however I think we are often too quick to criticise when things don't …

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Rainbow Nation

Posted on Tue 18 May 2010 in general • Tagged with sleep, south africa, travel

Well I finally made it to South Africa for my whistle-stop tour south of the equator. I managed to get an exit seat so I wasn't too confined. During the 10 hours of flight I reckon I managed to achieve about 2 hours of somnolent state which has been enough …

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Still here

Posted on Mon 17 May 2010 in general • Tagged with ash, life, south africa, travel

I should be on a plane at this point, however ash has conspired to cancel my connecting flight this morning. I'm now re-booked onto another flight this evening so I'll still be in South Africa in time for meetings just on considerably less sleep.

The weekend was lovely and relaxed …

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The shape of things to come?

Posted on Mon 19 April 2010 in general • Tagged with green, news, travel, volcanoes

The ramifications of the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull continue to rumble on as people suddenly find themselves stranded and reminded that the Earth is actually quite a big place. Meanwhile it's news that EU ministers co-ordinating a response has a video conference to discuss the response to the transport paralysis.

I …

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