Post Travel Slump

Posted on Mon 07 December 2009 by alex in geek

I got back from my Hungarian adventures at a slightly more reasonable time than Wednesday mornings departure. Never the less I find travel still zaps the energy out of me. On Friday night I managed to eat dinner before crawling upstairs and passing out.

Saturday has been ably documented elsewhere and basically involved a large amount of DVD watching. I was twiddling with my nascent Android application in the background but until I can make sense out of JDB and it's associated emacs GUD bindings it's going to be slow progress. Once I've figured out how to make breakpoints actually work as well as show position in the Android base code hopefully things will progress faster.

Sunday involved much de-construction as we took down the metal fencing at the back of the property. We are planning on replacing the boundary with more aesthetically pleasing (and fruitful) bushes. Once that was done I was minded to have a final push at getting my playlist patch into Rockbox. I also did my bit testing another outside contributors better solution to my stale hacky m4a mdat patch. I can appreciate Juliusz' frustrations with getting things into Rockbox. It's a great project and it's amazing we have truly free firmware we can install on a variety of bits of hardware. However it's by far and away one of the hardest communities I've had to deal with as a casual contributor. I don't know if the project suffers as a result, it's one of those hard to quantify things. I suspect the bar is pretty high anyway as the embedded nature probably rules out a lot of people used to desktop development unless they are really keen to dig into and learn the code.