End to End Connectivity

Posted on Wed 16 December 2009 in general

We had a slight degree of excitement this evening when we got home. All the power was out and the refrigerating appliances were slowing defrosting. Due to the randomness of the breakers tripping we thought it was the boiler. As it happened it was a earth-neutral leakage that was causing the craziness. Once that was all sorted out I sacked off doing the washing-up to do a little more tweaking.

I'm almost there with the Chromium extension. I based it on the work done by David Hilley and basically further hacked it about to make it work more like It's All Text on Firefox. I'm still using David's Python 2.6 shim layer to handle the edit requests until I can get around to implementing an elisp one for Emacs. Don't let my intention to do write one stop any readers from doing so in the meantime should you wish :-).

It works if you stick to one page, currently it gets confused if you have multiple pages open which have sent edit requests. This is because the xmlcomms.js function which handles farming out the edit requests has a single reply_port parameter which will point to the port of the last page to connect to the master extension. I'll need to come up with a slightly neater solution but I'm fairly crusty on Javascript.

Hopefully I'll get around to packaging it up properly in the next few days. In the meantime you can run it from a git checkout by pointing the Extensions page at it via "Load Unpacked Extension".

Still it's my first Chromium extension so I feel quite proud of myself :-)