First elisp patch for emacs chrome

Posted on Sat 09 January 2010 in general • Tagged with chrome, elisp, emacs, extensions

One of the nice things about putting your coding experiments up early and under a permissive license is people can submit patches. I'd been trying to get the native elisp edit server working but I'd fallen back to the working python script as I've been busy at work. However along …

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End to End Connectivity

Posted on Wed 16 December 2009 in general • Tagged with chromium, emacs, extensions, house, javascript

We had a slight degree of excitement this evening when we got home. All the power was out and the refrigerating appliances were slowing defrosting. Due to the randomness of the breakers tripping we thought it was the boiler. As it happened it was a earth-neutral leakage that was causing …

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Chrome and Emacsclient

Posted on Sat 12 December 2009 in geek • Tagged with chrome, editor, emacs, extensions, javascript

I had a number of things planned to do today, one of which was to go pick up some parcels that the local delivery service failed to do. However some workmen started digging up the road opposite my house. As the un-controlled single lane alternating between inbound and outbound traffic …

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