No Snow Yet

Posted on Wed 06 January 2010 by alex in general

According to the new live weather map we live in the only part of the country that has dodged the snow bullet so far. That's certainly the impression I get from seeing every ones various social media musings on the matter. No matter the platform we Brits seems to love talking about the weather.

I'm easy about it really, as I can work from home at the drop of a hat and I'm certainly not going to make my life difficult by struggling in if I don't need to. This didn't stop me from using the car to come in today though. It's comforting to be able to nip home in 10 minutes rather than face a 1 hour trudge through freezing water meadows, modulo the time it takes to defrost the car.

EDIT TO ADD: And right on cue the snow finally arrived at midday, we take things easy here on the Fens ;-)