Detecting a certain warmth

Posted on Mon 24 May 2010 in general • Tagged with bbq, pond, scorchio, weather

I arrived back from my whistle-stop tour of southern Africa on Friday morning. By the time I arrived back at home I was good for little more than drifting in and out of consciousness on the sofa while noticing little change in environment. In fact Africa was probably perceived as …

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Here comes the Sun

Posted on Mon 15 March 2010 in general • Tagged with life, weather, wedding

The weather this weekend was a lot nicer, not only sunny but also well on the right side of the thermometer. Fliss and I spent Sunday in front of the Grand Prix going through the wedding spreadsheet and started mailing out the wedding invites. However it's already become apparent that …

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No Snow Yet

Posted on Wed 06 January 2010 in general • Tagged with hashtag, snow, twitter, weather

According to the new live weather map we live in the only part of the country that has dodged the snow bullet so far. That's certainly the impression I get from seeing every ones various social media musings on the matter. No matter the platform we Brits seems to love …

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