Lost and Found

Posted on Tue 16 February 2010 by alex in geek

The mystical JJ Abrams series Lost has entered it's sixth and final season. I've been a long time fan of show and remember spending many evenings discussing episodes with Andy back in Manchester. While many stopped watching the show after concluding the writers where just making stuff up while they went along I've stayed loyal. While I find the meta-analysis of clues and references an interesting game I've always found the character development and acting the main enjoyable factor.

Even so while the show may have made stuff up on the hop (the mysterious numbers are one documented example) it has always consistently followed strong themes. One of the themes I have enjoyed is the way the series has played with time. The first season made extensive use of flashbacks and over the seasons there has been use of flash-forwards and even time travel. The final season has started using alternate time-lines. Of course these time lines may be more closely related than we suppose, I'm assuming this is part of this seasons arc.

TV Sci-Fi has come along way since the Babylon 5 made a point of developing a series story arc. It's nice to see the form is well embedded and surviving well in the 21st century. I suspect Lost could have pushed for a seventh or possibly eighth season but given the vagaries of TV commissioning it makes sense to bring the series to a close now. After all not many people will buy the box set of a series that doesn't come to some sort of conclusion (Firefly being a notable exception on my DVD shelf).

Episode 4 of Season 6, "The Substitute" airssomewheretonight