The future is inching its way onto our set-top boxes

Posted on Mon 11 February 2013 in geek • Tagged with content, iplayer, netflix, tv

I have from time to time lamented the tardiness of media producers in getting content in-front of my eyeballs. It's not a case of being tight with money, although giving Murdoch £30/month for a glut of programming I'll never watch is *too much* for me. I'll happily pay for …

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Fliss' 32 Inch TV

Posted on Mon 08 August 2011 in geek • Tagged with internet, iplayer, tv

The weekend was both incredibly efficient and lazy in equal measures. We headed into town bright and early at 9:00 in a bid to miss the rather nasty traffic Cambridge inflicts on it's driving population. I would have cycled were it not I was picking up our new Smart …

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Knights who say frak, a lot

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 in general • Tagged with game of thrones, hbo, tv

We watched the first episode of HBO's adaptation of George R. R. Martins Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. Or as Fliss likes to describe it Knights who Say F**k, a lot.

First impressions are good, HBO don't skimp when it comes to production quality which explains why …

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In other news

Posted on Mon 28 March 2011 in general • Tagged with crosswords, garden, house, life, misfits, tv

Rat diversions aside the weekend was a fairly sedate one. We visited a rather nice Japanese restaurant in town on Saturday with a bunch of the Cambridge LARP group. We left feeling well stuffed.

I spent a chunk of Sunday attending to tasks as directed by the head gardener while …

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A few paragraphs

Posted on Mon 26 July 2010 in general • Tagged with android, gatiss, google, holmes, lrp, moffat, pot-pori, transparency, tv, war, wikileaks

There are a number of potential topics for blog posts swirling in my brain which I'm not going to have time to write. I shall therefor attempt to address each on in paragraph form (Twitter style is a little too brief for me).

We were at Maelstrom this weekend. We …

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