Start of Spring?

Posted on Mon 01 March 2010 in general

Giant Talon 1 Mountain BikeIn many ways February has been a bit of bumpy month, the sort when your never quite sure if your going to hit take-off speed for the year. Luckily it's a short month and this morning I cycled out into bright sunshine on my new bike.

Since the death of my old bike I've been muddling along with walking in and using the bike my Dad loaned me. All too often I've taken the easier car route and driven the 1 mile (as opposed to 4 mile bike route) to work. However I now have a bright new shiny, off road, well geared and well braked Giant Talon 1 and no more excuses for taking the easier route in. Hopefully I can start reducing the post-Christmas spread that I've obtained over the winter months.