A weekend of fresh air and beer

Posted on Mon 14 June 2010 in general

Today's weather has returned to a sort of grey overcast but not overly cold averaging day which seems very out of place for June. Luckily the weather over the weekend was much better.

We had Jeff and Phil + family visiting for the weekend. Luckily the summer event calender threw up a local event which was easy to get to. The May Bumps which paradoxically run in June are a series of rowing races run on the River Cam. As the races start from the Fen Ditton end of the river and much of the action in a bumps race is in the first few hundred yards the river side becomes highly desired property. The parish council must make a decent amount of money allowing cars to park on the recreation ground and the local river side pub had put out a number of extra tents as well a food tent some rather expensive (but tasty) burgers.

To be honest we didn't see that much of the actual races given the throng of people pressed up to the river side however it was a nice day and there was beer present. The students were also very polite, say what you like about some of the privileged people we get at Cambridge but their parents generally seem to beat manners into them early.

After our guests headed back to The North we joined the rest of my family up in Rutland for what is turning into a regular event cycling around one of the countries smallest counties. This time we only followed a little of Rutland water and this time focused on cycling though the picturesque villages. Jason had yet again plotted a course that covered a good number of pubs to ensure we didn't get thirsty. Of course the millage meant each pint was well deserved ;-)

This morning the back of my neck feels a little sore to remind me I really should use sun-tan lotion when out and about. However if June is going to save up it's meagre allocation of sunny days just for the weekends I'm not going to mind if they are all as good as this one :-)