Posted on Mon 14 June 2010 in geek

My PS3 died last night with the dreaded Yellow Light of Death (or at least it briefly flashes yellow before turning itself off). Unfortunately it won't stay on long enough to eject the copy of GTA currently stuck in the drive. It also seems the DRM will render any effort to transfer the 250gb drive into the new PS3 slim useless. This means all saved progress is currently stuck on an encrypted drive I can't access. I'm hoping the backup I took for the 250gb upgrade will at least restore something to the PS3 Slim currently winging it's way in my direction.

There are a number of tutorials on the net for potentially fixing broken PS3's by re-flowing the solder. I shall have to chat with my Dad next weekend to see if it's doable in his lab. Has anyone successfully resurrected a dead PS3? Or failing that found a list of PS3 POST codes so we have some idea of what's failing?