CoD: Black Ops

Posted on Tue 04 January 2011 in geek • Tagged with call of duty, cod, cod:bo, games, ps3, review

As is becoming traditional I got the latest instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, Black ops, as one of my Christmas presents. What follows is some brief comments having finished the single player campaign last night. I don't think I've been overly hammering it but I reckon it took …

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Posted on Mon 14 June 2010 in geek • Tagged with ps3, ylod

My PS3 died last night with the dreaded Yellow Light of Death (or at least it briefly flashes yellow before turning itself off). Unfortunately it won't stay on long enough to eject the copy of GTA currently stuck in the drive. It also seems the DRM will render any effort …

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Review: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Posted on Thu 27 May 2010 in geek • Tagged with games, gta, ps3, review

We finally reached the limit on the PS3's hard disk a few weeks ago. Although I had the option of reformatting the hard drive to reclaim the 10gb after Sony disabled OtherOS* it seemed a lot easier to get a newer more spacious disk. A quick trip to Amazon later …

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Sniper Fi

Posted on Thu 28 January 2010 in geek • Tagged with codmw2, games, ps3

I actually has an opportunity to play with the Special Ops mode of CoD4:MW2 last night with a friend. Despite a terribly laggy connection we had a blast working our way through the Alpha and early Bravo missions. I suspect the AC-130 mission was the most fun although the …

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Ripping PS3 compatible MP4s

Posted on Fri 20 November 2009 in geek • Tagged with encode, media, mencoder, mplayer, ps3, rip

There are literally hundreds of scripts and tools for encoding stuff to various compressed video formats. However I was never able to find something that did exactly what I wanted and until recently just did everything from the command line with mencoder. Eventually I got tired of the copy and …

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