Edit with Emacs v1.8

Posted on Thu 19 August 2010 by alex in geek

After a relatively quiet period a number of patches have flowed my way so I thought it was worth pushing out a new version. Perhaps the most "important" feature is the edit box flashing and fading from yellow after being updated (like It's All Text). It wasn't that hard to do given jQuery and the colour animation plugin do all the heavy lifting.

We've added a new hook to the edit-server for pre-edit customisation. If anyone has some nice examples of using the various hooks it would great if you could add examples at the emacs wiki.

As ever the extension can be found at the Chrome Extensions site. Development versions are hosted at github.

Full Change Log



* Added option to enable/disable visual edit boxes
* Improved feedback as editable elements come in and out of focus
* Updated text box will now fade from yellow after an update


* Added edit-server-start-hook for additional customisation when edit starts