It seems Llamas are land mammals after all

After my second abortive attempt at my open ocean dive I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be a land mammal after all. Despite the improvement on my last lagoon dive I have yet to convince the reptilian part of my brain that submerging oneself into the open ocean with only a bunch of valves between you and certain death is less risky than a number of other activities I regularly partake in. I still have snorkeling though and yesterday Fliss and I explored the reef side of the island and found a lot of interesting wildlife in the shallows. We hope to do a more organised excursion tomorrow.

The weather has been less than brilliant the last few days. I can still walk around in trunks and a T-shirt and to be fair I actually enjoy the cooler temperatures. However the lack of sun and the sudden torrential rain cloud bursts have meant we have spent a fair amount of time indoors. We have yet to resort to playing I-spy though so we haven’t reached the boredom threshold just yet 😉

I have been watching with a slightly detached amusement the hullabaloo around the Pope’s visit and the selection of some of the more special Tea Party wing-nuts. I would usually compose long posts on the subject for debate but I just can’t psyche myself up for it. Perhaps comments will be forth coming when I revert to normal service in a few weeks time.

Current Reading: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow