Seeing how the other half live

Posted on Mon 27 September 2010 in general • Tagged with luxury, maldives, snorkeling

I'm aware that yet another post of our time on a tropical island paradise is likely to be stirring up the odd pang of jealousy however I'm afraid this is another one. As the end of the honeymoon hoves into view we decided to take advantage of the "romantic night …

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It seems Llamas are land mammals after all

Posted on Tue 21 September 2010 in general • Tagged with maldives, stuff

After my second abortive attempt at my open ocean dive I've come to the conclusion that I must be a land mammal after all. Despite the improvement on my last lagoon dive I have yet to convince the reptilian part of my brain that submerging oneself into the open ocean …

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Finding the Signal

Posted on Tue 14 September 2010 in geek, general • Tagged with gps, maldives, wifi

With no diving excursions today we set about mapping the island. Despite my earlier comments there is GPS signal around and fairly good visibility of satellites. However the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty bad that most of them can't be used for location. I'm not sure if this is by accident …

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Losing Weight

Posted on Mon 13 September 2010 in general • Tagged with diving, ears, maldives

Today I had my second lagoon dive to run through the rest of the basic diving procedures. The simulated air failure (by turning off the tank) wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be on account of the relatively slow way the residual air between first and second …

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Unfamiliar Territory

Posted on Sun 12 September 2010 in general • Tagged with diving, maldives

Today was the day of my first dive. Although Fliss is already a qualified diver she came with me to refresh her skills.

The morning was spent in the lagoon and went reasonably well. I do seem to have trouble equalising pressure, especially in my partially deaf ear. It was …

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