Seeing how the other half live

Posted on Mon 27 September 2010 in general

I'm aware that yet another post of our time on a tropical island paradise is likely to be stirring up the odd pang of jealousy however I'm afraid this is another one. As the end of the honeymoon hoves into view we decided to take advantage of the "romantic night" special and spend a night in one of the lagoon suites (it was well outside our price range for the whole honeymoon).

The suite itself sits off a jetty that extends off one end of the island. Each suite has it's own platform to swim off (although the current can be quite strong). The bedroom windows offer a view directly over the sea, skipping any inconvenient beaches. It does seem to induce a slight swaying feeling though. There is also a rather ostentatious 4 poster bed and most importantly a large bath.

Fliss being very much a water creature has been pining for a bath since we arrived on the island. Jumping into a hot bath with a good book was the second thing she did on getting here :-)

We have been doing some snorkeling over the last few days now the weather has improved. Yesterday we visited the ocean side Disco Reef where I saw a turtle, several sting rays and a moray eel doing a fairly good impression of the Leviathan from Empire Strikes Back. However most of the coral was rather distant and dead.

Today we visited a site inside the atoll and swam around the moored up boat on the edge of the coral reef. The colours here were much brighter as the shallows of the atoll protect the corals from the onslaught of oceanic tides. The shoals of colourful fish seemed quite unconcerned as I flailed through them. Hopefully some of the low tech pictures will come out.