A familiar ache

Posted on Mon 06 December 2010 by alex in geek

I spent a large part of the weekend at the Cambridge Treasure Trap end of term banquet. The format is a cross between a full weekend of club LARP and a day event with a Céilidh tacked on the end.

Most of the Cambridge TT event are effectively day events held around some of the local areas of greenery near the river. The adventures are usually around 10 encounters and entirely battleboard-less which means they run quite fast, typically less than 2 hours. However the end of term event takes place at a local scout site which allows for a bit more freedom in plotting the adventures as well as provide a location for the celebratory meal and dancing.

It's been a while since I last actively ran around for an adventure (I'm not sure the 15 minute bursts of activity at Odyssey count) but it was fun to run around hitting things with rubber swords again. In fact the event gave me a great excuse to bring out my longbow and arrows.

The Treasure Trap crowd are a lovely bunch of people. It's a fairly well mixed group including old-timers from formation (2004 IIRC) to the current crop of University students. While I most certainly won't be attending every event (room based "interactive" every Friday and "day event" adventures every Saturday during term time) I shall certainly be attending some more.