A familiar ache

Posted on Mon 06 December 2010 in geek • Tagged with cambridge, larp, lrpm tt

I spent a large part of the weekend at the Cambridge Treasure Trap end of term banquet. The format is a cross between a full weekend of club LARP and a day event with a Céilidh tacked on the end.

Most of the Cambridge TT event are effectively day events …

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Interesting Times

Posted on Tue 27 April 2010 in general • Tagged with cambridge, cambs, election, ge2010, politics

The election race in my constituency just got a lot more interesting. The suspension of the local Labour candidate offers up some interesting options for the voters. While the Tory incumbent has a fairly healthy majority he does benefit from a splitting of the opposition vote.

Despite kicking the candidate …

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Under starters orders

Posted on Wed 07 April 2010 in general • Tagged with cambridge, election, politics

It wasn't exactly the most surprising announcement but the race is now on for who forms the next government. Anyone not registered to vote has about 13 days to make sure they are registered for the election.

According to the Electoral Reform Society there isn't much point voting as all …

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Posted on Mon 13 July 2009 in general • Tagged with cambridge, fayres

We had a lovely weekend with Sheila visiting for the weekend. We spent our time attending a number of the local fayres which all provided a mix of community stands, beer and various burnt meat offerings. My feet are a little sore today after a few miles of walking in …

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