Sound of Drums

Posted on Thu 27 January 2011 by alex in general

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the companies annual conference. It's quite a good day as we bring the whole company together in Cambridge so we catch up with the guys working overseas. The first half of the day is the usual discussion about the state of the company and discussing our objectives for the next year. Luckily the business of shifting bits seems to be something that is still in demand, whatever direction the economy is heading in. Of course after hitting our targets last year we have even higher targets to achieve this year, there is always another mountain to climb it seems.

The afternoon session was fun. We came back into theatre to find some guys banging away and drums and "tuned rhythm pipes" on every seat. Without prompting we soon had the whole company making a lot of surprisingly rhythmic noise and joining in. It was a great two hours although my fingers are feeling it slightly this morning. After the finale we all decamped to one of the local bars where free food and booze and funk had been laid on. It's one of the thing I enjoy about smaller companies where you can reasonably know most of the company and get a genuine sense of camaraderie.