Knights who say frak, a lot

Posted on Tue 19 April 2011 by alex in general

We watched the first episode of HBO's adaptation of George R. R. Martins Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series. Or as Fliss likes to describe it Knights who Say F**k, a lot.

First impressions are good, HBO don't skimp when it comes to production quality which explains why we have so many of their Box Sets on our shelves. They have done a good job at portraying the varied landscape of Westeros and have some impressive sets I hope they are going to make good use of. The cast seem to be well chosen and the performances so far have been good.

The show has Martin signed up as a non-honorific executive producer. This explain why the show seems to be sticking fairly closely to story of the book. It will be interesting to see if that changes over time as the books do tend to wander through a lot of characters. Also having read all the books so far we both know whats coming up. I don't know if this will get annoying or if we will just sit back and enjoy the ride. We are certainly looking forward to the next episode with anticipation.

My only worry is the same fate will befall this that befell Rome which is high production costs making the show uneconomical. It's doubly annoying as I would love for HBO to start a streaming on-demand service where I could pay as I go to watch those HBO shows when they are on. I'm afraid I can't justify paying Murdoch £20 a month just to watch one show.