Posted on Wed 04 May 2011 in general

I was thinking of twining about how hard my life was especially as I haven't been able to get my CoD on for the last two weeks due to the extended PSN outage. However I was reminded this morning that it's voting day tomorrow and given the current polling is rather disheartening for the Yes to AV camp I thought I'd tilt at a few more windmills. However my loyal readers are most likely bored stiff of me droning on about voting reform I thought I'd offer a video of some cute cats instead.

A lot of hysteria about has been spread about AV. Both sides have made rather exaggerated claims for what it can and can't do. It makes sense to keep things in perspective. AV is certainly not a proportional system. If it were I might be taking a different position as although proportional representation is desirable I have issues with the systems that ensure it. In fact the results it generates won't be too far different from what FPTP system generate now, although without polling on 2nd preferences it's hard to model. The only real change is that candidates who win their constituency races will have to gather a broader range of support, even if they are not first choice of every voter that eventually lends them their vote. It's a small change I think it makes for a better system. So I urge you if your eligible to vote in tomorrows referendum to vote Yes to AV.