7 Arena Fights, 1 Quest and a fairly late night...

Posted on Mon 15 August 2011 by alex in geek, general

..have left my a little weary this morning. I spent this weekend at my first full length Odyssey event which gave me a fuller impression of the world than last years quick visit.

The arena is still my favourite part of the experience. Certainly as I don't get much LARP combat these days it's nice to get several guaranteed mass-battles as day. I was still playing my Roman archer and had a very good day on Saturday notching up some rather nice shots which I was complemented on later in the day. I'm hoping those battles were videoed by somebody because it would be nice to see what they looked like from the bystanders point of view.

Although I went to bed before midnight on the Friday I made an extra effort to wonder about on Saturday night and caught up with the NE brigade and their Greek faction. It was lovely to see them as well as lots of interesting in-play discussion. Having someone mention the presence of the "Roman spy" every few minutes didn't seem to stop the Greeks talking to me.

I got peripherally involved with the "Philosopher" game on the Sunday while indulging in a little cryptanalysis to verify the approach to the solution of one of the puzzles. If I tire of the fighting I might try out philosophising for my next character.

All in all a fantastically fun weekend. I look forward to returning to it when I'm able to LARP again.