We'll always have Paris

Posted on Tue 13 September 2011 in general

We spent a rather spiffy weekend in Paris on the occasion of Fliss' Mum's birthday. We were a little out of the centre but in a rather plush penthouse flat kitted out with a full projector based home cinema system as well as a hot tub and roof garden wet-room. I posted a video of the set-up on my Google Plus account for the curious.

We didn't really spend that much time straying from the local base but spent a fair amount of time with the family. It was a lovely long weekend and we are both pretty relaxed on our return. I'm hoping it takes a while to wear off.

In the meantime preparation for B-Day continues. We are now enrolled in the state supplied [STRIKEOUT:indoctrination]education program known as Parent Craft. So far most of the information has been about what to expect on delivery day so I'm still waiting on the section on keeping them alive and raising responsible well-adjusted kids. I suspect I might be expecting a little too much from them.