Travelling with the truffler

Posted on Wed 24 April 2013 in general • Tagged with parenting, ursula

We're are about halfway through our family holiday to the remote ends of the earth. It has been the first time we've taken Ursula on a plane so we thought we'd make it a big journey while we are at it.

To her credit she was mostly fine with the …

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2012 a year in review

Posted on Fri 18 January 2013 in general • Tagged with parenting, review, ursula

In past years when I would review the year I'd flip back through my blog. For 2012 however I managed on average one post a month and the majority of those were geek related ones which in some ways are a lot easier to write.

The big change has been …

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Trials and Trufulations

Posted on Fri 08 June 2012 in general • Tagged with moods, parenting, sleep

One of the most challenging things about managing small bundles of fun is the fact their neural circuitry is brand new and developing very quickly. A key part of development at this stage is bonding with their parents. The last few weeks have been quite hard when Ursula has spent …

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Simple State Machines and Other Things I Have Learnt

Posted on Tue 27 December 2011 in general • Tagged with android, parenting, ursula

We've just returned from 3 days at Fliss' Mum's house. Although we are still fairly sleep deprived things were made a lot easier by the presence of aunts and grandmothers who offered to take turns tending to the baby. This included one of those rarest of things, time for the …

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What big eyes you have

Posted on Sun 18 December 2011 in general • Tagged with family, parenting, ursula

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We've had Ursula at home for over a week now and are slowly getting into the swing of this parenting malarkey. So far we've nicknamed her "Trufflehog" after the manner she searches for the breasts when she's hungry …

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