Edit with Emacs v1.12 now available

Posted on Mon 03 December 2012 in geek

Apologies for the extended delay in getting out a new release of Edit with Emacs. Real life has been doing a good job keeping me busy that spare hacking time is in short supply. A number of people have submitted pull requests and I've also done a bit of clean-up on the code.

The JavaScript in the extension has had the hacky change tracking code replaced with a modern funky 21st century Mutation Observer implementation. This should solve some of the more obvious performance problems on highly dynamic pages.

I've also implemented the iterative save method for edit-server.el. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work as intended if the edited region uses encoding (e.g. longlines). In theory the buffer you have saved should have it's contents replaced with the new data from the browser but it just doesn't seem to work. For now I've just ensured the kill-ring has the real data in it so it's not overly painful to restore formatting. Patches and/or explanations are of course welcome!

So grab it now from webstore. The changes are as follows:


* Upgraded manifest to version 2 for future releases of Chrome
* Added an "Enable Debug" flag to control logging to console
* Use Mutation Observers to better track changes in dynamic DOMs
* Fake a keypress when updating the textarea
* Bug fix for handling editable DIV elements


* Now available from the MELPA package archive!
* Beta support for iterative C-x C-s saving (it works but is ugly, see kill-ring)
* Default to using UTF-8 coding for process communication
* Raise existing frame consistently on Mac
* Tweak the portion of the URL used to name buffers