Edit with Emacs v1.16 released

Posted on Thu 24 December 2020 in geek • Tagged with emacs, edit with emacs, chrome, chromeos, firefox

Despite what I said last time it seems that this is still a useful tool for me. I had some free time to peruse some of the open issues and managed to work out what was breaking the GMail interaction and work out a fix. While Atomic Chrome provides a …

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Edit with Emacs v1.15 released

Posted on Wed 17 January 2018 in geek • Tagged with edit with emacs, emacs

After a bit of hiatus there was enough of a flurry of patches to make it worth pushing out a new release. I'm in a little bit of a quandary with what to do with this package now. It's obviously a useful extension for a good number of people but …

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Edit with Emacs v1.13 now available

Posted on Fri 08 November 2013 in geek • Tagged with chrome, chromeos, chromium, edit with emacs, emacs

I've just pushed the latest version of Edit with Emacs to the Chrome App Store. Hopefully most people are already tracking the latest edit-server.el via MELPA but this does introduce a few minor fixes to the extension itself. A new piece of functionality is the ability to trigger bringing …

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Edit with Emacs v1.12 now available

Posted on Mon 03 December 2012 in geek • Tagged with edit with emacs, emacs

Apologies for the extended delay in getting out a new release of Edit with Emacs. Real life has been doing a good job keeping me busy that spare hacking time is in short supply. A number of people have submitted pull requests and I've also done a bit of clean-up …

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Edit with Emacs v1.11

Posted on Wed 23 May 2012 in geek • Tagged with edit with emacs, emacs

I haven't really had much time for hacking at home unless programming my daughters wetware counts. However a few enterprising users have been sending me in some pull requests that fix a few minor bugs that slipped through the extensive pre-release testing I did for v1.10 so I thought …

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