Edit with Emacs v1.13 now available

Posted on Fri 08 November 2013 by alex in geek

I've just pushed the latest version of Edit with Emacs to the Chrome App Store. Hopefully most people are already tracking the latest edit-server.el via MELPA but this does introduce a few minor fixes to the extension itself. A new piece of functionality is the ability to trigger bringing Emacs to the foreground from a key-stroke within Chrome. I added this to support running Emacs on ChromeOS which together with my chromebooks.el package gives me a rather nice development environment without having to dump ChromeOS.

So new for v1.13


* Change the handling of hidden elements (fix bug #78)
* Add debugging for erroneous hidden text areas (#93)
* Add keyboard shortcut to bring Emacs to foreground
* Pass clipboard contents to foreground request


* add advice to save-buffers-kill-emacs to avoid prompting on shutdown
* add autoload cookies
* fix bug with format chars in url (#80)
* don't call kill buffer hooks twice (#92)
* don't set-buffer-multibyte on process buffer
* support the "foreground" request with optional clipboard contents

Get the latest from the Chrome Webstore.