Edit with Emacs v1.13 now available

I’ve just pushed the latest version of Edit with Emacs to the Chrome App Store. Hopefully most people are already tracking the latest edit-server.el via MELPA but this does introduce a few minor fixes to the extension itself. A new piece of functionality is the ability to trigger bringing Emacs to the foreground from a key-stroke within Chrome. I added this to support running Emacs on ChromeOS which together with my chromebooks.el package gives me a rather nice development environment without having to dump ChromeOS.

So new for v1.13


* Change the handling of hidden elements (fix bug #78)
* Add debugging for erroneous hidden text areas (#93)
* Add keyboard shortcut to bring Emacs to foreground
* Pass clipboard contents to foreground request


* add advice to save-buffers-kill-emacs to avoid prompting on shutdown
* add autoload cookies
* fix bug with format chars in url (#80)
* don’t call kill buffer hooks twice (#92)
* don’t set-buffer-multibyte on process buffer
* support the “foreground” request with optional clipboard contents

Get the latest from the Chrome Webstore.


  1. Hi!

    I tried and liked your extension very much.

    However I’d very much appreciate if the edit-server would listen on a unix domain socket. Otherwise it’s pretty dangerous to use on a multi-user system.

    If you need clarification or assistance please feel free to ask.

    Kind regards

    • It’s a limitation of Chromium as it can only use TCP sockets (via xmlrpc calls) and not Unix sockets. However by default edit-server only listens to localhost so it’s fairly safe from attack from the outside world. As you say it’s a bit more of a concern with a multi-user system.

      However there is hope around the corner. Chromium has recently introduced a Native Messaging API which would allow a cleaner file based interface between Chrome and Emacs. I suspect it could also be used for a more interactive REPL with Emacs. See issue #90 and the Chrome docs if you are interested in helping out.

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