Edit with Emacs v1.15 released

Posted on Wed 17 January 2018 by alex in geek

After a bit of hiatus there was enough of a flurry of patches to make it worth pushing out a new release. I'm in a little bit of a quandary with what to do with this package now. It's obviously a useful extension for a good number of people but I notice the slowly growing number of issues which I'm not making much progress on. It's hard to find time to debug and fix things when it's main state is Works For Me. There is also competition from the Atomic Chrome extension (and it's related emacs extension). It's an excellent package and has the advantage of a Chrome extension that is more actively developed and using a bi-directional web-socket to communicate with the edit server. It's been a feature I've wanted to add to Edit with Emacs for a while but my re-factoring efforts are slowed down by the fact that Javascript is not a language I'm fluent in and finding a long enough period of spare time is hard with a family. I guess this is a roundabout way of saying that realistically this package is in maintenance mode and you shouldn't expect to see any new development for the time being. I'll of course try my best to address reproducible bugs and process pull requests in a timely manner. That said please enjoy v1.15:


* Now builds for Firefox using WebExtension hooks
* Use chrome.notifications instead of webkitNotifications
* Use

with style instead of inline for edit button * fake "input" event to stop active page components overwriting text area


* avoid calling make-frame-on-display for TTY setups (#103/#132/#133)
* restore edit-server-default-major-mode if auto-mode lookup fails
* delete window when done editing with no new frame

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