Edit with Emacs v1.16 released

Posted on Thu 24 December 2020 in geek

Despite what I said last time it seems that this is still a useful tool for me. I had some free time to peruse some of the open issues and managed to work out what was breaking the GMail interaction and work out a fix. While Atomic Chrome provides a nicer interactive experience with direct feedback the release of Crostini keeps the Emacs flame alive on my Chromebook. I suspect I still need someone to step up who is more conversant in the web languages of Javascript and CSS to improve the front end experience and maybe tackle the frequently requested feature of interaction with fancy javascript editors. In the meantime I'll continue to bumble along and look at what pull requests do come in and leave the pile of feature requests slowly growing.

Merry Christmas ;-)



  • allow disabling of switch to settings behaviour
  • whitelist penguin.linux.test for edit server (ChromeOS/Crostini)
  • fix context menu on newer Chromes (#158)
  • honour edit_server_host instead of hard-coding
  • use the Chrome/Firefox extension UI to set keyboard shortcuts.
  • fix handling of spellcheck=false nodes for Gmail (#171, #162)


  • use make-frame (see updated docs for edit-server-new-frame-alist)