The Lodger

Posted on Mon 14 June 2010 in geek • Tagged with doctor who, TARDIS

I finally caught up with the latest Doctor Who last night (drinking/football had over-ruled the Saturday showing). I thought it was a fantastic episode, certainly better than the last two.

Was I the only one who thought the errant device might have been the Master's TARDIS (or at a …

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On Coal, Avatar's, Empty Roads and Plot Resets

Posted on Mon 04 January 2010 in general • Tagged with cgi, doctor who, drama, imax, new year, scifi, traditions

So that was the festive season, welcome to a new year. As we stumble back into the daylight and routine of work can I extend my best wishes to all for this new decade.

After the family centred Christmas we headed up to Manchester to celebrate the new year amongst …

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