Social Wars

Posted on Fri 23 September 2011 in geek • Tagged with facebook, google, plus, social networking

Well it seems the next major technology war has kicked off on the web. Google has opened up its beta social service to all and sundry. At the same time Facebook have had another major face lift and announced their intentions to become a content hub for the Internet.

For …

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Plus One

Posted on Sun 17 July 2011 in geek • Tagged with facebook, google, privacy, social

Well I've been playing with Google+ for a week and a bit now so I thought I would add some punditry to the swirling ether of the 'net. For a product that hasn't even earned the famed Google Beta tag it's already been rolled out to around 10 million people …

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Chromium Privacy Plugin

Posted on Mon 10 January 2011 in geek • Tagged with chrome, chromium, facebook, privacy, twitter

Did you know every time you see a Facebook/Twitter/Social Media-de-jour button on a web-page it's reporting your visiting patterns to home base? If you thought Ad tracking was a worrying invasion of your privacy then just consider how much info Facebook has on you along with your browsing …

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