Do the stars shine brighter tonight?

Posted on Fri 25 November 2011 in general • Tagged with family, parenthood, ursula

This was my thought as I unpacked the car tonight. It may have been the cold weather and clear skies though, it's hard to be sure. I'm currently pottering around the house tidying up and preparing to welcome Ursula to the home tomorrow. I suspect my perspective may have altered …

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Not a creature stirring....

Posted on Sun 26 December 2010 in general • Tagged with christmas, family, holidays

As the sun rises on a clear blue boxing day morning my body ponders what to do with the excess calories of yesterdays toughing. After so many years of the Bennee clan together with occasional grand-parental input we are now entering a new phase of the Christmas dynamic as the …

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Shout out to my bro

Posted on Wed 10 March 2010 in general • Tagged with family, photos, webpimp

Please join me in wishing my brother a happy birthday. I'll take the oppertunity to pimp his photo blog which people with an interest in photography and photoshop might find quite interesting.

So that was Christmas

Posted on Mon 28 December 2009 in general • Tagged with christmas, family, holidays

You'll have to excuse the radio silence since my last post. The run-up to Christmas was a rush to ship the next version of the product to the testing team for next year. This wasn't helped by a whole day being taken up with the company Chrimbo do for clay …

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