Adding Google Juice to mutt

Posted on Wed 17 March 2010 in geek • Tagged with data, emacs, encryption, google, gpg, mutt

As I've been mailing out invites I discovered a minor problem with my data.

My main email client is the fantastically functional mutt. It's terminal based but incredibly flexible. When it comes to mass sorting/searching your email it leaves GUI based clients standing. However now I'm a roving around …

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New Keys Please

Posted on Mon 08 March 2010 in geek • Tagged with encryption, gpg, security

I've finally gotten around to updating my personal GPG key. At the same time I've plumbed in the various bits I need into my mail client so it's a little easier to sign, encrypt, and verify GPG enabled email. Of course the super paranoid will want to check the public …

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