Phone v3.0

Posted on Fri 07 January 2011 in general • Tagged with android, custom roms, htc, htc hero, rooting

I went to the pub last night with some of the ex-Transitive crew who have migrated south. It was a fun night of over the top geekery of the kind you only really get when people like to discuss processor architectures and the pros and cons of various language standards …

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New Phone

Posted on Thu 22 July 2010 in geek • Tagged with android, hero, htc, open-source, phones

One of the advantages of the current bread of smart phones is they are field upgradable. As so much of their functionality is basically software it makes no sense to treat the phone as a static product once it leaves the factory gates. Coupled with the rapid development of the …

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Free Software legal battles version 2

Posted on Wed 03 March 2010 in geek • Tagged with android, apple, floss, htc, iphone, patens, software freedom

"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."
- Steve Jobs, Apple

With the embers of the SCO's legal shenanigans slowly dieing down we were long overdue for the next round of legal attacks on Free Software. We all knew it was coming, having failed with spurious copyright claims the …

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