On the death of Google Reader

Posted on Thu 14 March 2013 in geek • Tagged with emacs, floss, google, hosting, rss

You can probably tell the sort of on-line company I keep from the deluge of noise on the social networks regarding Google's decision to shut down Reader. However we shouldn't be that surprised. In fact some companies that source content from Reader have anticipated the need to collect content themselves …

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Web 2.0 apps that are worth it?

Posted on Wed 18 October 2006 in geek • Tagged with google, rss, web2.0, webapps

Web 2.0 is a lovely little marketing buzzword that is bandied about a lot. It refers to the concept of applications running on your web browser. It used to be that people thought Java apps would be what everyone would want but it turns out that AJAX can provide …

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