A step towards reducing Emacs Pinky

Posted on Wed 03 November 2010 in geek • Tagged with emacs, screen

As someone who spends most of the day attached to their keyboard I'm fairly sensitive to RSI inducing things. One thing I do suffer from is what's colloquially known as "Emacs Pinky". As the Ctrl is the start of practically every editing command in Emacs it's the left little finger …

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Restoring GUI connectivity from screen

Posted on Thu 19 November 2009 in geek • Tagged with bash, bashrc, screen, session, terminal

GNU Screen is one of the most useful tools in my arsenal. In the days before I used screen I used to make extensive use of Gnome Terminal's multiple tab functionality. I'd have one tab for edit/commit commands, one for running code, others for watching logs and the plethora …

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