Baseline Codecs for web video

Posted on Mon 17 January 2011 in geek • Tagged with codecs, google, h264, open, standards, video, web

A lot of 'net comment has been generated in the last few days following Google's announcement that they will be dropping support for H.264 in future versions of their Chromium browser. They expound on their decision here.

In making this move they join the ranks of Mozilla in supporting …

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On Apples Side

Posted on Wed 27 August 2008 in geek • Tagged with apple, web

I think I'm Apple's side with the latest ASA ruling. The crux of the ASA's argument is that Flash and Java are part of "internet". It's dangerous because it makes a precedent that supporting these proprietary applications* is the only way you can support the full fat internet. This is …

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