You certainly notice...

Posted on Fri 07 August 2009 in geek • Tagged with website

..when your spam scanner stops working. After carrying out some maintenance to my server yesterday I noticed a sudden upsurge of spam arriving in my mailbox. Sure enough a quick check showed that the spam checking daemon spamd wasn't running. A little poking about pointed to behaviour that looked very …

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Posted on Sat 28 July 2007 in general • Tagged with website

I've finally pulled my finger out and uploaded the pictures from this years trip to Canada. I didn't take my compact camera in the end so I took them all with my mobile phone. I'm quite pleased with how some of them came out. Any loss of quality due to …

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And in other news

Posted on Tue 09 May 2006 in misc • Tagged with website

I'm happy to present Baby Pictures!

New weblog

Posted on Sat 05 April 2003 in geek • Tagged with website

Well I thought it was about time I added a proper weblog type thing to the system (so I'm not constently hand crafting HTML to add entries). I ended up using Personal Weblog as it seems pretty light weight and easy to add. In other developments I've finally got around …

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