Migration Complete

Posted on Sun 15 November 2020 in geek • Tagged with wordpress, blog, pelican

As I'm sure a lot of people have found in these COVID inflected times the completion of lockdown projects is harder than originally anticipated. As the hosting platform for my old Wordpress setup gets closer to end-of-life I finally pulled my finger out to put the finishing touches on the …

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Migrating again

Posted on Mon 25 May 2020 in geek • Tagged with emacs, wordpress, blog

It's been some time since I last blogged but I have been doing some spring cleaning amongst my servers. While moving all my web content onto a new box I though I would take advantage of the fresh start to migrate away from Wordpress. While it is a fine FLOSS …

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Cleaning up the tags

Posted on Sun 17 January 2010 in geek • Tagged with meta, tags, wordpress

When I first converted my old blog to Wordpress I used tags for all the old categories. This was probably the wrong choice as tags present more subtle meta-data about a post. After manually updating a whole bunch of posts I discovered Wordpress already has useful "Tags->Categories" and "Categories- …

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Migrated to Wordpress

Posted on Mon 02 November 2009 in general • Tagged with blog, emacs, meta, site, wordpress

I've finally gotten around to migrating the blog to Wordpress. While I'm still very happy with Personal Weblog it was getting a little long in the tooth and given Livejournal's ongoing problems with syndicated feeds I thought it would be easier to host everything (including comments) on my site. You …

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