Getting very warm

Posted on Wed 01 July 2009 in general

Thanks to all who came to the party on Saturday. It all seemed to go well and for the most part the weather held off enough for a large amount of char grilled meat to be consumed.

I most pleased with the relatively small pile of washing up left on Sunday afternoon (after the final guests had gone home). This was mainly due to the diligent efforts of guests to do a stint (unprompted!) of washing up at various points of the day.

The weather has been slowly getting warmer and warmer and has now reached the point that it's too hot for me. Fliss being used to warmer climes thinks the evenings are getting cold enough for us to close the bedroom window at night. Needless to say I couldn't face working in my office yesterday and spent most of the day in the comparative coolness of downstairs with the netbook. Unfortunately Fedora has broken the spell checking functionally of my emacs with a switch to hunspell which took a little time to track down so I wasn't as productive as I hoped.

Today I shall be heading into the big smoke around lunchtime to join Fliss for a few more birthday drinks. I think her birthday will be well celebrated by the end of the week :-)