Tea Minus

Posted on Tue 31 August 2010 in general • Tagged with ale, party, rock, wedding

Today has involved physical introduction of remaining in-laws to actual parents. This was by way of a wandering cycle through town via the odd pub or two. Tomorrow is a fairly light day where I have to achieve a) a hair cut b) get some keys cut. The rest of …

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Partaaaay Aftermarth

Posted on Mon 16 November 2009 in general • Tagged with home, house, party

Well this weekend was filled with the preparation, execution and aftermath of our House Warming party. Fliss finished a number of final touches to curtains, clothes racks, and other such details while I pottered around moving cardboard to the outbuildings and ordering two polypins of local ale to keep people …

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Getting very warm

Posted on Wed 01 July 2009 in general • Tagged with food, party

Thanks to all who came to the party on Saturday. It all seemed to go well and for the most part the weather held off enough for a large amount of char grilled meat to be consumed.

I most pleased with the relatively small pile of washing up left on …

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