Weekend and Travels

Posted on Tue 01 December 2009 in geek, general

The weekend was a relatively quite one. I took advantage of the temporary loan of my Dad's bike to pay a visit into town and tick of a number of tasks in preparation for Christmas. This included by first every cut-throat* trim of the Winter Beard to prevent it going too wild. Other tasks included buying a present for Fliss and fetching silicone sealant for the repair to the show pan. All fairly mundane stuff.

I did reformat my laptop and after a little struggle with generating USB install keys massaging a version of Debian Testing onto one of the partitions. I've skipped Gnome and gone for a more netbook friendly Xfce for my desktop environment. Suspend and resume sort of works although seems to introduce an odd bug when trying to login on fresh virtual terminals. I suspect there may be screwy events being sent to X as well although existing applications still seem to be usable. It will give me something to do on the flight I suspect.

This time I've kept a spare partition free on the disk. I did attempt to get the latest Fedora installed but the installer was very confused. I may try the latest Ubuntu just to see how much difference there is between Debian and Ubuntu.

I'm up at denial a.m. tomorrow to fly to Budapest in Hungary. I have two days on a customer site to see my software being put to real use (and answer questions on its future). If I'm lucky I'll get Friday morning shopping before flying back. This week is likely to literally fly by.

* with disposable razors these days, sign of the times